For over 20 years, Viki Industries Private Limited has delivered world-class  products in the form of iSTEEL XLS Long Life TMT bars as well as services that our customers have valued. Headquartered in Chennai, our plant is a fully integrated facility with a State-of-the-Art metallurgical laboratory run by seasoned professionals.

For us innovation has been at the centre of our approach, in every sphere of our business. We deliver one hundred percent reliable, eco-friendly and factory fresh products that bear the hallmark of remarkable innovation. iSTEEL offers a 3:1 ratio TMT construction bar with superior elongation and corrosion resistance. Globally, this technology is the most widely used technology to confer superior properties to construction grade bars.

We’re powered by our business partnerships, dealer networks and strong sales team. The iSTEEL network spans the whole South India and is the largest retail distribution network in the region, covering Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

An ISO 9001-2015 company, certified by DNV, Netherlands.