State of the Art Manufacturing Process

Sourcing of Quality Billets

Cutting of Billets


Rolling Mill

Infinite Rib Pattern Production

Water Quenching & Tempering

Cooling Bed

Bending, Tagging and Packaging

Homes are only as strong and comfortable as the quality with which they are built. Hence, iSTEEL promises you the most superior quality of TMT bars, every time. We call this assurance: iPromise. iPromise is the guarantee given to you that every TMT bar of iSTEEL will meet a certain standard of quality specifications.

iSTEEL prides itself in many values that have helped carved a niche for itself in the market.

  1. 1 .A pioneering spirit
  2. 2. Consistent R&D in product development
  3. 3. Commitment to educating the masses on good quality steel bars
  4. 4. Preferred partner of Ultratech Cement at their UBS stores
  5. 5. Eco-friendly
  6. 6. Quality far above ISI standards and at par with national brands
  7. 7. Factory fresh steel
  8. 8. ISI and ISO certified
  9. 9. Innovative marketing approach
  10. 10. 350+ dealers in South India


iSTEEL now brings you factory fresh steel. The products are delivered to your doorstep soon after it is rolled and ready for use.

iSteel comes to me fresh from the factory. How?

    • At iSTEEL, manufacturing only begins when an order is received from the market. Newly made stock is delivered to our dealers from the factory soon after it is rolled and in turn immediately supplied to your doorstep. It provides absolute assurance that every bar that gets sold is fresh. Surplus manufacture is kept to a minimum. Hence, you will not receive old stocks of steel.

What about damaged stocks, if any, during storage?

iSTEEL takes appropriate, specialized steps to ensure that even the minimal stocks that remain with the factory or dealer are well protected. It is stored in exclusively constructed sheds that are designed to keep the steel free from moist and rust. It is placed on specially designed platforms that ensure that the bars do not come in contact with the ground.

How will fresh steel add value to my construction?

Because iSTEEL TMT bars are fresh, they retard corrosion which is an important factor in enhanced life of steel. Factory Fresh steel tends to be shinier and hence visually appealing.